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Garden Time

Today is the official day that the garden alarm clock has gone off! Way back in November, we had preschoolers put their garden beds to bed at the two Head Start sites for the winter. We layered browns and greens in a lasagna garden to let compost over the winter. Since then, those gardens have been…shhhh sleeping! But today, we woke them back up to get ready for some spring planting. After mixing up the lasagna beds and adding more soil, we measured off our square foot beds and even planted some broccoli and kale!

We garden with preschoolers as a part of the Growing Healthy Futures grant started last summer. Gardening with preschoolers and families of young children has numerous benefits. Studies have shown that children who are involved in gardening have a higher self-esteem, are more engaged in learning, fosters parent involvement in the school, and improve children’s attitudes towards fruits and vegetables. As a part of the Growing Healthy Futures program, families have the opportunity to tend a community garden plot through the help of a garden mentor. Providing this opportunity not only provides all those benefits for the children, but also makes fresh, healthy foods more accessible for families.

Stay tuned for some great garden stories and updates on how our plants are faring!